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ComeOn Casino Has Emerged As A Major Player On The Scene

ComeOn Casino is often thought as a newer player on the online casino scene, since it’s only been fairly recently that their popularity has recently taken off to be among the most popular casinos on the internet these days, but they’ve actually been around since 2008, which may not be as long as some online casinos have been in operation but is still a fairly long time and is more than ample to demonstrate an online casino‘s reputation.

The competition at the highest levels in the online casino industry is pretty intense though, and it does take quite an effort to go from a new and unknown online casino to one of the most popular ones out there, which generally takes a fair bit of time to develop at best, and most casinos don’t reach these heights ever.

The way that ComeOn Casino has really taken off in terms of popularity has really grabbed our attention though and it is now among the highest rated casinos online in terms of popularity and player satisfaction.  So any discussion of the best online casinos now involves them, and therefore they should be included in ours as well.

When I first heard of this casino I thought that their name was pretty hokey and that might turn some people off, but as I thought of it more it is pretty catchy and one that is easy to remember so perhaps they knew what they were doing after all when they named it this.

Their target market has historically been smaller stakes slot players though so this might be even more fitting, although they have always offered a full range of casino games and have now expanded their reach even more lately.

So we’ll take a little time for you and look at why you should consider trying out this casino for the benefit of those who have not done so already.

ComeOn Casino Offers A Fresh Approach

Unlike a lot of the bigger casinos, ComeOn isn’t owned by a company that also offers several other casino brands.  It is owned by ComeOn Europe Ltd, and from the name you can guess that ComeOn is their sole focus.  While there’s nothing wrong with a casino company having a variety of different casinos they operate, at ComeOn you can bet that their only focus is ComeOn Casino, which can only be a good thing.

This independent nature also extends to the software end of things.  Casino companies generally enter into deals with casino software makers and these deals almost always involve the casinos just running the casino software maker’s software, and although there are some good casino software packages out there, ComeOn has taken an independent approach to this.

So ComeOn doesn’t just offer one software program, it offers a total of five, which gives them a lot more flexibility in choosing the best games from among a much better variety of software makers than you normally see.  This allows them to select from the best games out there on the internet and allow us to choose from among what they consider to be the best of the best, which is certainly an advantage.

The players that ComeOn tends to market to the heaviest are the ones where software tends to be the most important, which are in fact slot players.  When you are playing a lot of slots you do tend to want to play on the latest and greatest graphics packages, the coolest games so to speak, so to maximize their success with this crowd this required a bigger commitment to the look and feel of their games than you normally see, and this commitment has also extended into their other games.

ComeOn Casino hasn’t had the luxury of falling into a comfort zone where they have managed to take people’s business for granted, and have instead built their success on offering players something a little different than your standard casino, and their ability to achieve that is reflected in just how popular they have now grown.

While the majority of players at ComeOn Casino are slots players, and they are very well known now as a real favorite among those whose main game is slots, they do understand that a lot of casino players like to play other games like blackjack, roulette, and so on and while they have moved a little slower with things like offering live casino play, with real tables and dealers, they have finally moved to implement this and have done so with even more flair than other casinos generally have done, as we will discuss in more detail later in the review.

ComeOn Casino Welcome Bonus

Pretty much all online casinos offer welcome bonuses, where players earn extra cash for trying out a casino for the very first time with real money, and players generally will have their deposits matched to a certain percentage and up to a certain amount to let them start out with more money than they have put in.

ComeOn Casino Bonus Code – N/A “Sign Up Using This Link

This exists as an incentive for players and are generally a big part of the reasons why players are willing to try out a new casino.  While bonuses are nice, there are a lot of other reasons to try out a casino as well though, although getting some kind of bonus is part of the deal for sure.

ComeOn Casino’s bonus isn’t the biggest you will find out there, and to be perfectly honest, it’s one of the smallest.  If the goal is to look to find a good casino that you want to play at not only during the initial trial but longer term as well, while the bonus here may be pretty small, it does speak loudly for how good this place is, since if they can be as successful and popular as they are with such a small welcome bonus that does speak to just how good they must be.

The bonus here is 100% of your initial deposit up to a total of $35, or an equivalent amount depending on the currency you deposit with.  The minimum deposit here is $10 so in other words if you deposit between $10 and $35 initially they will instantly give you that much more in your account, so if you put in $35 you start with $70, and so on.

As is the case everywhere, you do need to meet the play through requirements to be able to cash out your bonus, which is only relevant if you decide to leave and have played there enough to do this of course.  ComeOn Casino’s play thorough requirements are pretty modest and player friendly though and they also allow you to satisfy it not only with your casino play but by placing bets on sporting events as well.

This will all appeal quite nicely to smaller depositors, but people with larger amounts that they could put in might be turned off by this and may prefer some deals elsewhere where they can rake in a lot more bonus cash, but that’s not really the best way to look at it though.

If you are in this boat then nothing is stopping you from taking advantage of these other deals, and we have some on here for you that you should consider as well, but what this really comes down to is whether you want to just give this a little try and get a free $35 just for putting in $35 and having a go at this place.

So based upon that it is our opinion that all players should give this a look, and you can decide for yourself if you want to make this one of your longer term places to play, which is something you can really only do if you give the place a trial, and you do get paid to do it, and all free money is good free money.

ComeOn Casino Software And Game Selection

Once again, a real nice feature of ComeOn Casino is their software independence, and while not being locked into a deal with a certain software company they can just pick and choose from among the games offered by several software makers.

It’s not that the sheer number of games have been increased here, it’s more to do with the quality of the games.  There’s also the additional variety that different software makers bring to the table, as the games from a single software provider can be fairly similar and going with several provides more options for a different look and feel that you get with this.

Having said that though, the number of games offered is pretty impressive anyway, with almost 500 different games available, and they are a leader in this category as well.  A lot of sites offer around 300 different games, ComeOn Casino offers more than that with their slot games alone, and this really is a slot player’s paradise as far as the different variations they can choose from among.

There are 351 different slot games to play here, 14 different variations of blackjack, 20 versions of roulette, 17 other table games with plenty of variety to choose from there, 17 forms of video poker, 14 scratch ticket games, 12 specialty games, and 25 jackpot games.

As I mentioned, they also have live casino action now and this was one of the things that some players really missed here as it’s a pretty popular form these days, where you have real dealers in actual locations on a casino floor deal to you and you are provided a live video feed so you can see all the action unfold in real time like you would at a real casino.

A lot of online casinos offer this these days but they are generally limited to blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  ComeOn Casino, with its usual flair, has a total of 7, including casino holdem and three card poker.  So there’s more variety here as well.

ComeOn Casino realizes that their casino is only as good as its games, and they have worked very hard to bring you the best out there and have sought to take this all another notch above the competition, and they have done a pretty good job with this I would say.

Come On Casino Promotions, Banking, and Customer Service

ComeOn Casino takes a similar approach to their promotions as they do to their welcome bonus, they do have them but they are on the lighter side compared to some other casinos.

The games are very good here and the payout rate is pretty good as well, some casinos have lower payout rates and this allows them to offer better promotions but this tends to benefit the bigger players more.  Also, rewards tend to be more skewed toward the higher rollers where the rewards escalate based upon your play, which is fine if you are a high roller but doesn’t really give the smaller players enough of a piece, where they are getting the lower payout rate but not benefiting from the extras enough.

You won’t see of that here at ComeOn Casino as every player is valued equally, from the smallest to the biggest.  They do offer rewards but do so in a more modest and much more fair way.  They also run tournaments which once again are geared toward players with a more modest bankroll although everyone is welcome to participate in them.

The banking options here are pretty good, where players can deposit with a credit card as well as all of the popular internet wallets.  Internet wallets are the preferred method of withdrawal though so all players should open one anyway as they may want to cash in some winnings at some point.

ComeOn Casino offers some great customer service to go along with all of this, not only in terms of the methods to contact them but also in terms of the quality of service itself.  They realize the importance of keeping their players happy and they fulfill this mission very well.

There is live chat available which is the best option you can use, along with email and phone support.

They are licensed and regulated by the government of Malta where they are located as well.  Both the security of the operation and the fairness and payout rate of their software is regularly tested by a trusted third party company to ensure everything works the way it is supposed to and players are always treated with the utmost of fairness and integrity.

Our Recommendation

There are several online casinos which we really like and this is one of them.   Choosing a good online casino does involve taking various things into account, and casinos tend to do better in some areas than others.  On the plus side, the games here are great and that’s the biggest thing for them.  The bonuses and promotions are definitely on the cheap side but I don’t think that should stop anyone from trying out this place and you do get paid a little anyway to do it.

For the smaller bankrolled players or those who only wish to commit a smaller amount to trying out a site then this isn’t going to matter, but if you have $10 to $35 to put in as everyone does then you can’t go wrong putting it in here and checking out this place more closely yourself.  Of course you are welcome to put in more than this, as you desire and are able to.

ComeOn also offers sports betting and poker and those who like these other forms of gambling will find that you can do all from a single account here, which is nice.

Go ahead and give this a try by clicking on our link to them and pick up some extra easy money for doing so, and this might even end up to be one of your real favorites.

ComeOn Casino Bonus Code on January 3, 2017 rated 3.0 of 5