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Europa Is One of the Largest Casinos Online

Europa Casino is a very large online casino brand which has been offering its players an enjoyable casino experience since the early days of online casinos.  It is owned and operated by a company that has been a leader in online gambling for a long time and also owns several other large and successful online casino brands.

Marketing does factor into why a company would offer several different brands, and from the name alone, the intent here with Europa Casino is on the European market, although they do cater to casino players from all around the world.  There is nothing particular at all about this casino that would suggest you’d have to be from Europe to play here, although a lot of their players are indeed from Europe.

They do offer a very good selection of languages though so players from different countries can play in their native language if they choose, and while other sites offer additional languages, they are particularly well known for this.  They also offer deposits in a number of different currencies to make players’ experiences as comfortable as they can make them.

Imperial E-Club, who owns Europa Casino, does really know what they are doing and you don’t have to look any further than the popularity of their casino brands, including Europa Casino, to see this.  Reading people’s opinions of a casino, even expert opinions like ours, is definitely helpful but one of the best sources of information about how good an online casino may be is to just look at the numbers.

Especially in today’s highly competitive market, the only way you can put together a very large following like Europa Casino is to provide a high level of quality to players.  If not, they will go somewhere else, and there is a lot of cross migration as far as players trying out different casinos and seeing what’s on the other side of the fence.

So once the hype, the marketing, and the bonuses have their say, players are left with the quality of the experience themselves, which must eventually stand alone and stack up well with the competition.  Otherwise players will just move on, and at many online casinos a lot of them do just that.

Therefore, Europa Casino’s excellent player retention does speak pretty loudly by itself to the quality of this place.  So that’s definitely a big factor, let’s now look at the other reasons why you should consider trying out this top rated casino if you have not done so already.

Europa Offers A Whole Year Worth Of Welcome Bonuses

Casinos pretty much all offer new players rewards in the form of deposit bonuses to give their casinos a try.  These bonuses differ quite a bit both in terms of the amount you can receive and the number of them you can collect before the bonus period runs out.

Europa Casino Bonus Code – N/A Use this link to sign up

How this works is that by depositing a certain amount of money in your player account, either with the very first deposit you make with them or on subsequent deposits if that’s permitted, the casino instantly gives you extra cash in your account that you can play with.

This is obviously a real nicety that players really enjoy, and who can blame them really.  Who wouldn’t want to play with $200 rather than just $100 if they made their deposit and didn’t receive any welcome bonus?  Online casinos do want you to play a certain amount before you’re allowed to take this out, but the idea here isn’t just to donate money to you, they do want you to try out their place in return for their giving you this money, but that’s only fair.

After the bonus period is over, casinos often will still continue to reward players for their play, most of them do anyway, but of course the bonus bonanza is a big deal and the hope is that after they are done bribing you to try them out you will stay.

As far as the size of bonuses go, some require that you put in a lot of money right away to get the bigger amounts, but most players don’t have the ability to do that and therefore miss out on a lot of this bonus money. They may make further deposits later but it often is too late to use those to cash in on more free bonus money.

Europa Casino’s welcome bonus format is very well designed though and it permits even people who can only deposit very small amounts at a time to reap a lot of bonus money and quite a bit more than they would at most other casinos.

The deal extends a full year and there are two parts to it.  Your first deposit each month for the first 12 months earn a 100% match of up to $100.  So if you deposit $100 each month you get a free $100 to play with each month as well, for a total of up to $1200 free from this deal.

Higher depositors aren’t left out either, and if you can deposit over $1000 with your first deposit this will earn you $500 instead of the usual $100.

On top of that, you can earn an extra free $25 by making further deposits, and this offer is available to you each week for a full year.  So this all adds up to a lot of bonuses and it extends over a very long period of time, they basically want you to give their casino a try for a whole year and you will get paid all the while to do so.

Even if you are thinking of taking advantage of other bonus deals during this time, just between us those other deals will still be there later, and online casinos only offer these to players once in a lifetime, so it makes sense to get the most out of them while they are available, and you don’t ever want to leave money on the table with these.

So while this is perfectly up to you, we do recommend that you stick with these deals for as long as the cash is flowing as that’s in your best interest, and then you can decide what you want to do after this is over.  The house edge in casinos is pretty small and when you can double your money each time you put money in and get that for a whole year, needless to say that greatly enhances your chances and it’s certainly not something you want to pass up.

Europa Casino Software and Game Selection

Europa Casino offers the highly acclaimed casino software platform from Playtech, who have been offering the finest in casino software for many years now.  Playtech has worked hard over this period to achieve and maintain the high regard that both casino operators and their players have for their product, and in particular to stay ahead of their competitors.

So this is a highly rated software program and continues to be a big hit with players, and they constantly make improvements as time goes on, so I’d say that the quality of the software used by Europa Casino is a strength.  Software quality matters to various degrees among casino players but even to the ones who it matters the most to people tend to be very satisfied with what they run here.

In particular, the graphics are very good and that’s the main thing that casino players tend to focus upon, although it’s also very user friendly as well and also runs very smoothly.

Like most casinos these days, you can not only play their games on their computer by but on your mobile devices as well, and both Apple and Android devices are supported.  Casino games on the go is a great addition and the mobile software provided by Europa is state of the art as well.

Players also have the option of downloading the software or using their browser based instant play feature, meaning that you can play there in settings where software isn’t permitted to be downloaded like at work.  This all gives you the maximum amount of options and ensures that you’ll be able to play whenever and wherever you want on whatever devices you want.

They also provide a very extensive selection of different games, over 400 at last count, which is more than most casinos provide these days.  Variety is definitely a good thing to have.

You can also play whatever game you want as they have all of the popular casino games and lots of variety within each type of casino game.  Whether you like slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, arcade games, video poker, casino holdem, Caribbean poker, pai gow, scratch games, or what have you, there’s tons to choose from here.

Europa Casino also offers live dealer games, which have become quite popular over the last few years, as this takes the experience of playing casino games online to the next level, with real dealers dealing to you personally right from a casino floor, where you watch the action unfold in real time through a high definition video link.

This is as close as you could possibly get to playing at a live casino without having to travel there.  This costs the casino more to run but they are happy to do it to make players happy.  There are several games to choose from at Europa in the live dealer format, like blackjack, roulette, and casino holdem, and they are planning on adding more games soon.

Europa Casino Promotions

In addition to the extensive welcome package that Europa Casino offers, where players collect welcome bonuses for a whole year, Europa Casino also offers various other ways for their players to be rewarded.

They have an ongoing array of limited time promotions which run for a certain period and are designed to promote certain types of games by giving players goodies for playing them, and there’s always lots going on here, although they do change a lot and players need to stay on top of the current offers, which you can do after you register with them.

They also send their players special offers by email so it also pays to check your inbox for whatever extra they may have for you at any given time.

Europa’s Refer a Friend promotion is one that is available full time though and every time you refer someone to them and your friend makes a qualifying deposit, you get an extra $50 per friend referred and your friends get an extra $25 over and above all the other money Europa Casino gives them for trying them out.  So this can add up to a lot of free casino money for you.

Europa Casino also offers a VIP Club where every bet you make with them earns comp points, and these points can later be redeemed for more free money from them.  The more you play, the more you earn, and they also have 6 different VIP levels, where you earn more and more money as you climb up the ladder, in addition to earning even more special treatment from them.

Europa Customer Service And Banking Options

Many of the questions that players have can be answered without even needing to contact anyone, through their extensive online help section on their website.  Should you have further questions or need further help though, their friendly agents are always more than happy to help, and they can be contacted through live chat, by phone, or by email, whatever your preference.

Depending on what country you live in though the phone support may involve making a toll call so the other options may be better even if you prefer to deal over the phone, and as always, live chat is a great option if a casino offers it, and they definitely do here.  For less pressing matters, email may be sufficient, but it only takes a few minutes to take care of your issues with live chat and that’s the only method I use personally.

As far as banking options go, the options offered by Europa Casino are pretty extensive and more than sufficient to ensure that everyone has a number of good options to choose from regardless of where you live.

I always like to select options that you can make withdrawals with as well and for this the popular internet wallets are best, but at the same time sometimes you just want or need to deposit with a credit card or other method that you can only deposit with, especially starting out, and that’s fine as well.

It’s a good idea for all casino players to have an account at one of the major internet wallets though and Europa Casino deals with them all and you can both deposit and withdraw to them, which is nice.

Our Recommendation

Europa Casino is a top tier online casino and they are very well run, very trusted, and very well liked among online casino players.  I think the trust part is a big thing and hesitate to recommend sites with less than an excellent reputation, and Europa’s reputation is most excellent and this is a big reason why we like it so much.

There’s also all of the other things, most notably their generosity with rewarding players, and provided that the casino is a good one, which this one clearly is, this does influence players a lot as far as the ones they want to try out, and that’s understandable.  I love getting free casino money as well, but at the same time want to stick to the good sites I can completely trust.

The games are good here as well, this is an area I feel there’s not a huge difference with these days but if you have that in your favor as well as you do here then that’s a good thing and adds to the reasons to try a place.

So I’d recommend you go ahead and collect the welcome bonus from this casino if you haven’t already and then you can experience it all for yourself and get paid well to do it, which does sound pretty good indeed.  Click on our link to them to give them a whirl.

Europa Casino Bonus Code on February 4, 2017 rated 3.5 of 5